LA Girl BB Cream – Somebody Loves You Baby!

As a makeup artist, who has problem skin, you can believe me when I tell you ive tried almost all products available to me, to help combat my yukky breakouts. From cleansing products, to foundations that promise you the moon and stars, damn the whole universe, if it makes their product sell!

So I stumbled, almost literally into this big LA Girl stand at DISCHEM and was sold by their BB Cream, after I tried their sample and haven’t looked back!

I apply mine, like how you would a normal cream, all over my face. Forget your makeup brush.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 4.11.34 PM copy

Your hands warm up the product, and that allows it to envelope your skin in deliciousness!

They come in a variety of skin tones, 8 shades to be exact (yay for the sistas) and cover a multitude of sins. From fine lines, to slight blemishes (you will still need some concealer if you have major blemishes), has vitamin B3, C and E, primes your skin, moisturizes and enhancers skin tone. Only draw back is that it doesn’t have an SPF.

They worth a try if you don’t always have time to do the full makeup/ foundation routine and wont break the bank. At R59.00, its worth a try!


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