Keeping makeup brushes clean is really a no brainer. It’s important for two reasons, amongst many others:

Keeping germs at bay

Prolonging the life of your brushes

As a makeup artist we have to ensure that our brushes are extremely clean to avoid spreading germs or possible skin infections from one client to another

But for the average lady who thinks she doesn’t need to be pedantic about her personal brushes, I’m going to share a few steps on how to keep brushes clean and germ free.


  • Use rubbing alcohol to remove germs and most product off brush
  • Use a good shampoo or dishwashing liquid to clean brushes (sunlight dishwashing liquid works wonders for me)
  • Run warm water and dip brushes in a bit of shampoo/detergent and vigorously rub on hand until colour runs clear
  • Pat off excess water and leave to dry completely

By doing this on a regular basis, you will have clean brushes that are germ free and also helps with application of your makeup, also possibly saving you product.

There are many brands out there that offer various cleaning methods and products.

Im yet to use any of them as I don’t think its THAT important for my brushes to smell like vanilla LOL!

But one brand that has been getting a lot of good hype has been the good folks at Burst Studio. They have a variety of goodies, so check them out!


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