Makeup Game – Grammys 2015

The Grammys 2015 was like watching paint dry. Only YAY moment for me was Annie Lennox doing her thang on stage…Beyoncé was cool.

Formalities out of the way, the red carpet ladies sizzled. Outfits and hair was on point (apart for some tell tale signs of lace front wigs…Lady Gaga)

Make up trend this year was lots of natural looks. Bold eyebrows, nude lips, and JLOW glows everywhere. Ladies didn’t go too bold with the makeup. Some wore too much foundation, while others wore non (Miley Cyrus)

I must say I liked the toned down looks, although I also felt like most of the ladies did their own makeup. Never a good idea, especially when you in the forefront of the red carpet, on Grammy night. Arguably the biggest night in music.

Lets get down to the Good, Bad and the WTF!

Ariana-Grande  Ariana Grande – her eyebrows seem too short for me. love the cat eye. too much      foundation though.


Beyonce – she looked good, really good. although i wished she had made her eyes a bit more dark


Charli XCX – I like her, shes cute. i needed her lips to be a deeper pink.


Mrs John Legend – i thought she looked cute. face was nice and clean. beat to the right level of beatness



Gwen Stefani – shes always on point. not sure if its the camera, but she looks a bit too pale


Iggy Azalea – I like the JLO glow on her cheeks, but everything else for me is a no. her face is just too flat. i need more, not sure what exactly


JHUD –  i like everything, only issue for me was her eyebrows. bigger is ALWAYS better


Jess Glynne – this lady has amazing hair. i wished she did more with her makeup to make this fiery do pop – interesting liquid liner


Katey Perry – love the eyes. liner is on point. lipstick shade not my fav, but beautiful face


Kelly O – beautiful


Kim Kardashian – she never disappoints with makeup. loved everything, especially the well groomed eyebrows.



Lady Gaga – not so gaga about her makeup. she looks ok. that lace front wig is so disturbing though


Madonna – i miss her “VOUGE” days…thats all


Mary J Blidge – Mary looked really nice. her makeup was flawless, so was her perfomance


Miley Cyrus –  i really liked this minimal makeup look on her. perfect age appropriate


Nicki Minaj – she is beautiful. she should stick to the natural look. only issue for me was her eyebrows. looked like they were stencilled on and not done well.


Rihanna – she looked nice, makeup was minimal and flawless. hair was a hot mess!



Rita Ora – she slayed! face was beat just right. loved the contoured cheeks!



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