Bronze Goddess

Winter is that season where you either look pale or ashy. Your skin, like the seasons, changes. And like the ever-changing seasons, your makeup should change too.

But you don’t have to worry about throwing away your summer goods, all you need to do is add one simple product – Bronzer!


The good people at Catrice (love them) sent me their latest bronzer, Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder. It comes in a compact, and the powder has fine shimmering pigments for that radiant summer glow, without the caked effect.


Its super easy to use. Once you understand where to place your bronzer, you are good to go.

1.apply foundation as you normally would

2.when applying bronzer, use a big fluffy brush, always tap off excess powder

3.apply bronzer where light would naturally hit your face, forehead, temples, cheek and softly along your jawline. Also blend bronzer on your neck and ears (for control)

Your face looks instantly luminous and healthy. Now hook up some mascara and a good lip gloss, and dazzle!


When buying your bronzer, always make sure the colour suits your skin tone.


Side note: All Catrice products can be purchased at Dis chem stores.

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