The trend of highlighting and contouring

The new (well not really, but whatever) trend of having regular chikitas wear a full contoured face for everyday activities, became popular, I knew there would be lots of casualties.

The simple fact is that a full contoured makeup face is best left for fashion shoots, red carpet events, TV ads and the circus. Also professionals!

I cant understand who has all that time to do such hectic makeup, just to go pick up some milk and bread at the local grocery store- I blame Kim Kardashian!

This Armenian beauty has mastered the skill of looking like a million bucks E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y and regular sisters want in on the magic. And that’s exactly what contouring is, MAGIC. You basically enhance your best features and hide the parts you don’t like or don’t want to be exposed too much, like maybe a huge nose or a “Tyra Banks” type forehead. Contouring and highlighting is your friend.

Its not the easiest makeup trick, but after a few practice runs, you should be able to nail it. And the biggest trick with all makeup is to blend very well. Your makeup must be seamless. No streaks, and no 5 o’clock shadows either (more about that later).

This week im going to show you a few  images and next week ill show you step by step on how to do it…properly.

before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-2 Contouring3 maxresdefault (2) rasheeda-before-and-after-makeup