Finish It Off

Lots of girls wear makeup and complain that it doesn’t last long enough, even if the bottle promises 12hr lasting foundation. Its just not plausible in sunny South Africa! So what’s the solution you ask? Finishing spray, that’s what!

What is a finishing a spray?

A finishing spray is a makeup setting spray.

It basically gives your makeup that extra boost to stay put. The general understanding is that it gives you that “just applied” fresh makeup up look…all day.

It’s really a great tool to have in your makeup bag. For makeup artist it’s a gem, making the makeup look fresh and almost seamless. You can use it before, after and during makeup or on it’s own, just to cool down and hydrate your skin (i guess that’s why they have the “+” in the name LOL)

There are many different makeup brands that have their own setting sprays. I unfortunately have only tired one.



Mac Fix Spray +

This little miracle in a bottle is an awesome product. It really allows you the ability to build your makeup, without that caked affect. The finish is a dewy healthy glowy finish(think JLO). THE MAKEUP FINISH IS FLAWLESS!

Still not convinced? Next time you’re at a MAC store, ask one of the makeup artist to spritz some on your face.

Thank me later!

4 thoughts on “Finish It Off

  1. Оскорблять конешно нам нетрудно кавота, только мы должны сами БÂ¾Ã‘Ð¿Ð¸Ñ‚оватÃòŒ своих детей, а учитель учить. А если оскорблять то не жевруйся. А нашему учителю большое спосибо за терпение и ласку к нашим детям и я сильно жилею что наш класс не доведёт до 5 класса.

  2. Oui,il s’agit bien de celle-là.La juge Ruffo mentionne qu’il faut repenser la façon de faire avec jury, puis s’attarde à la « logique implacable » de Me Poupart qui a excellé dans cette cause.

  3. High Heels: I think you did a great job on this article btw ;)@MISSRACHELK: great comment, I was just reading today about the CA increase in whooping cough and the majority of cases are vaccinated children, so obviously something isn’t working. The lack of long term side effects studies bothers me as well. For example, the why is there such a drastic rise in cancer in the years since vaccines have increased? Is nature trying to balance science? LOL

  4. That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

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