The power of liquid eyeliner

If I had to step out the house with not enough time to beat my face, id be cool as longs as I have lip balm and a mean liquid eyeliner!

Liquid eyeliner just adds an extra something to any look, whether you going for “girl next door” or “sultry vixen “look, you cant go wrong with a really good eyeliner.

Angelina Jolie has some nice sultry eyes, but trust and believe me when I tell you liquid eyeliner is to thank for that!


My favourite at the moment is the Catrice Liquid Liner in “010 dating joe black”. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. Its glides on perfectly and the tip is nice and sturdy. Worth a try

How to use liquid eyeliner

  • you need a steady hand., and the nerves of a bull fighter (jokes), but the first time can be a bit nerve wrecking, so BREATH!
  • a good product, try Catrice , Inglot or NYX (I love all 3 brands)
  • practice, practice and practice. Nobody and I do mean nobody can wakeup one day and be brilliant at it. You really need to practice!

Below is a video I found on line, that shows you how to use liquid liner, very good for first timers!

Images: favstyleideas, inspirationsweb

Video:: creative boss(this girl rocks)

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