Purple Reign

My new obsession is purple lipstick. Different shades of purple will do-as long as its purple.

When I saw Joan Small rock a classic tanned face, with a bold purple lip at the Met Gala, it was love at first sight!

This colour is definitely for the bold and wild at heart.


How do I rock a purple lip?

  • First prep lips. We don’t want to see cracked lips, so clean lips with some bicarb on an old toothbrush, and gently exfoliate. End with a nice swap of lip balm, just for control
  • Keep your face minimal, no need for hectic colour on your eyelids, just a nice bold liquid eyeliner… BOOM
  • Eyebrows must always be bold and well groomed
  • Now finish with a purple lipstick that complements your skin tone…VAVA VOOM!

Some of my favourite makeup brands have some awesome purple lipstick colours, don’t be afraid to check out, MAC, Inglot, Bobbi Brown, Iman and Revlon

images (2) images

Now go forth my queens and rock that purple lip.


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Side note: if you’re rocking a purple lip and your feeling fierce and sexy, please feel free to take a pic and send through to me at Bernice@inkedlip.co.za and I will share your picture on our Facebook wall!!!

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