No More Struggle Eyebrows: Stencils

I’m a huge fan of well groomed eyebrows.  If there’s one particular thing I pay extra attention to, it’s my eyebrows.

Your brows are the frame to beautiful eyes, and must be well groomed. Whether you groom them yourself or have a professional do them, always try and maintain.

Something not so new to the makeup world, but new to me in terms of using it for the first time, is stencils.  I swear after trying it, I was immediately hooked. Although you need to do some practicing, once you get the hang of it, I doubt you’d stop.

Stencils can be a bit tricky to find, I got mine by sheer luck at Beauty Value, Northgate mall. You can also find some at Dischem, Northgate Mall.

Below is a quick video on how to use stencils. Try it out, I’m sure you wont be disappointed!



3 thoughts on “No More Struggle Eyebrows: Stencils

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