Has Skin Bleaching Gone Too Far?

I came across this article this morning and just had to share. Although skin bleaching has been going on for some time now and is nothing new, it’s still disturbing.

I’ve read stories of celebrities both local and international who have been busted for skin bleaching. The likes of Mshoza (who can forget), Kelly Khumalo, Beyonce, Lil Kim and so forth.

But this article takes the cake. Not only is skin bleaching extremely dangerous, it also poses a risk of completely altering the already fragile state of Africanism all around the world. Although this is not a makeup article, it somewhat links to beauty. Many African women are still ashamed of their skin colour. And this trend needs to stop!

Article and images courtesy of Style Blazer



The media has made no secret of the insane popularity of skin bleaching. While there are a lot of continents that use the products, Nigeria has the highest sales for any country in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 77 percent of Nigerian women bleach their skin and a lot of it is because of societal pressures.

On the forefront of this discussion is Nigerian singer Dencia who is pushing a product called Whitenicious. Yea. And aside from the sketch-ville name the product–which claims to be a dark spot remover– has the tagline “Say Goodbye to pigmentation and spots forever!” Yes, because who wants to have natural God-given pigmentation.


Dencia’s pigmentation has gone from an even-toned brown shade to very fair skinned. She also appears to have had a nose job. These points are not to throw shade at her personal character, but as we noted before a lot of these psychical changes can be attributed to the desire to look more white.

Clutch asked Nigerian-American rapper Kingsley “Rukus” Okafor to expand upon the trend. “It’s hard to understand until you’ve been in the streets of an African nation,” he said. “There’s a different treatment and desirability factor in Africa for lighter skinned women, well beyond what we experience in the US. It’s an epidemic. You can’t walk a day in the streets of Lagos without seeing someone who has/is bleached. Finding a well-to-do husband/sugar daddy is a priority and women are willing to do what they have to, to fit standards of beauty.”



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